Christmas Vacation Road Trip

This week I’ve been off work and the Huz has been in Alaska visiting family. So I packed up the toddler and we hit the road bound for San Angelo.

We were having a pretty successful road trip, stopped in Eastland for gas and talked to everyone. The little one can make friends anywhere. He’s all smiles and hellos. It wasn’t until we stopped at McDonalds that things started to go downhill. Well, for me anyway.

We’re in the bathroom stall and I’m attempting to change his diaper at the same time someone decides to dry their hands using the super loud hand dryer and it scares him. He has a mental breakdown. I try to calm him down and fail – but I still need to use the restroom.

So with him clinging to me like a baby koala, I attempt to use the restroom, which surprisingly is working. Then he decides to get down and immediately heads for the stall door. It’s a large handicap stall so I can’t reach him. He opens the door and literally there is a women and her child standing there. I take a moment (with my pants down) to thank God that it’s another Mom. She stops him and closes the door. So I can pull my freaking pants up, get him, get our stuff, wash our hands, and try to make him eat a chicken nugget before we get back on the road.

The rest of the trip was a breeze, we sang, we laughed, we ate candy. All the things a road trip should be and in the end we’re spending time with Gigi, Papa Lee and Grandpa. So I guess in the end, getting exposed in the McD’s bathroom was worth it. LOL

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