Set Free

I’ve received several questions about my recent weight loss and so wanted to write a blog post to explain a few of the details.

To understand my motivation you really have to first know a little about what kick started my journey. I have a condition called Intermittent Intercranial Hypertension. Essentially that means I can’t get rid of the cerebral spinal fluid in my head fast enough and that puts pressure on my brain and eyes. This causes headaches and vision impairment. At least that’s how it was explained to me.

This condition is common in overweight women in their 30s. The best method to resolve it is weight loss. They don’t know why this works, but it usually does. The alternative is a permanent shunt in your brain to drain the fluid. Which doesn’t even sound like an alternative to me. That just sounds terrible.

When the doctor told me this I was mad, at myself. It felt like I had ate my way into this situation. Was I really choosing food over my eyesight? Over my quality of life? It was a little devastating to my self esteem. So I worked out a plan with my doctor to lose the weight.

When you choose that alternative they have to put you on medications to deal with the pressure until you’ve lost enough weight that the condition resolves itself. The medications have side effects, but I was able to negotiate with my doctor to only take one medication as long as we monitored the pressure. That ended up working.

Now that you understand my motivation let’s talk about the weight loss. During this process they discovered through a blood test that I had Celiacs, so that put some added constraints on me. So my diet is Gluten Free now. Besides that one restriction, there is no secret. It’s the same thing you hear over and over. I eat less, stay away from non-complex carbs and sugar. That’s it. Lots of veggies, lean meat, hummus, nuts. Literally I could live on hummus alone. LOL. I don’t drink alcohol and I’ve minimized my caffeine intake.

My husband has been a huge help. In order to facilitate this change he makes almost all meals and he is super creative with them which keeps it interesting. He uses an app called GF plate. Eating out can be difficult and tempting, especially when going gluten free. So we try to avoid it. We do have regular spots that we frequent because we’ve found good, healthy options, like Salata.

It has been difficult at times, but I keep motivated by thinking about the alternative. Also, for transparency I want to talk about one of the many side effects of the medication I mentioned earlier. I don’t have the desire to eat as much when I’m taking it. It effects how food taste and I just don’t end up eating as much. This has 100% made the weight loss easier and faster.

So that’s my story. As of today I’ve lost 46lbs. Not sure how much I’ll end up losing in the end. I really didn’t have a finish line in mind. Just wanted to change my lifestyle and see where it took me.

My advice to you if you’re struggling with a medical condition is to find a doctor that is willing to create a plan that works for you, is the best at what he/she does, and is knowledgeable about your condition. Also, to find your personal motivation. The one thing that will keep you going down the right path. You’ll need that touchstone or at least I did.

I read a poem the other day by Alison Malee (you can follow her on Instagram) and one of the lines was “a shovel makes the same sound burying you alive as it does setting you free.” In the beginning of this journey it felt overwhelming and I wasn’t sure of myself or my abilities. The temptation to quit or never start is high. Looking back I’m so glad I hung on and am where I am now and that everyday I make that choice again. ❤️< a href=””&gt;<<<<<<<

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