Travel Snacks

In July I started a new job and have really loved the fresh start. As part of the job, I’ve been traveling a few times a month. Mostly to Midland, Texas. It’s not exactly a Gluten Free Mecca, especially when food is catered in for meetings. Here are a few tips and tricks to surviving on the road: 

1. Bring snacks: This has really helped me avoid getting into a situation where I’d starve or breakdown and eat something with gluten. My fave GF snacks are RX Bars, trail mix, Lara bars, and beef jerky. By having these in my purse all the time I’m never caught off guard by hunger. I do keep my trail mix in a mason jar, which the TSA was super suspicious of… so maybe opt for a plastic bag. 

2. Mexican food: Since my travel is mostly around West Texas Mexican food is in abundance. It’s a safe bet I can find gluten free options at any Mexican restaurant and they will be delicious. Side benefit – Sangria Margarita.

3. Tell people: In the beginning, I didn’t want to sound like one of those “yuppie” city girls who doesn’t eat gluten and is addicted to Starbucks. But, you know what, I don’t eat gluten and I do love Starbucks. No wheat, more caffeine. I’m a basic bitch you guys and I love it. Only once I get over it and start saying something can the people that order food start being accommodating. Maybe they judge me, maybe they don’t. Who cares? I need to eat. 

That’s it. Three ideas for keeping on track while on the road. Hope they help!! -Melinda

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