Just keep baking

For my birthday I bought myself a rectangle tart tin and this weekend tried it out by making my first tart. Even though my family ate it like champs, I’d say that it was overall a failure. This is where I have to remember to just keep baking, it will get better. Hopefully.

So here’s what happen with the Pear tart. All the individual ingredients were coming together beautifully. The poached pears, the filling, the crust.

Then it came to actually baking and putting them all together. Cue problems. The crust, which needed to be par baked, ended up sticking to the foil as it was pulled away. Then, while actually baking, the crust ended up overdone. Or as some call it, burnt.

We still tasted it and the flavor wasn’t terrible, but it definitely didn’t turn out how I imagined in my head. Super posh and gorgeous and delicious. There were several lessons learned:

  • I should have used GF baking flour instead of AP with xanthum gum. It would have held the crust together better.
  • For the crust, it needed foil over it to keep it from becoming overdone while baking.
  • When I par baked the crust the foil needed a better layer of butter and I needed to check a corner before pulling the entire thing off.

Tarts are intensive and it was discouraging for the bake to not go as planned. I just have to clean the tin and start again.

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