Dinosaur Garden

Lately it’s been raining non-stop and we’ve been stuck in the house. So when the sun came out this weekend we immediately headed outside. Mini-me has been really into dinosaurs lately and I thought it would be cool to make a Dinosaur Garden in the backyard.

It turned out to be easy and fun. Plus we used a bunch of stuff we had just laying around.

The first thing we needed was something to build the garden in. We had this old sand/water plastic play thing that’s been just sitting there for ages. So The Huz drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. FYI it already had water stuck in it, GROSS. Was glad we could repurpose it though.

Then we needed the dirt and plants – which we didn’t have handy. So we took a quick trip to the garden center and Mini-me picked out several nice ones, including a bluebonnet. These will probably die immediately because we suck at plants, but they are okay for now.

Once back, we loaded the trough with dirt and added the plants. Then came the fun part – decorating. Here’s the list of items we used, but I’d encourage you to use whatever you have laying around.

  • Glass beads – We made these into a river and lava trail. I have an over abundance of glass beads hanging around since they were a big part of my decor in the early 2000s
  • Dinosaurs – Can’t have a dinosaur garden without dinosaurs. Since we have approximately 25,000 in varying sizes, we picked a few color variations and made sure we had carnivores and herbivores.
  • Volcano – Every kid knows a volcano is a critical piece of the dinosaur story. So we added one. We just happen to make a volcano a few weekends before this, so we used that one. It even has a lave chamber.

That’s pretty much it. Easy peezy. It’s Mini-me’s own little garden and he can play around with all the fun additions all Spring and Summer. Or for the next ten minutes because he’s a toddler. 😬🤣🤷🏻‍♀️

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